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The Turn Around of Dubai From A Desert Land to a Megacity

Dubai is a mega city and has potential for almost all sorts of businesses. This dessert land has developed a lot in recent past and is now among top most modernized and luxurious cities of the world. Blessed with rich reserves of oil and petroleum, the Arab land has always enjoyed a premium position in world. The locals called Sheikhs are rich and have everything a person can wish for. The potential and capacity of Dubai to grow has mostly been captured by the foreign investments or foreign labor.

Developed Megacity With A Hub For Global Trading

Though Dubai had that tendency to grow but it 67 was actually the foreign brains behind the rapid and dynamic turnaround of this dessert land into the most developed megacity with a hub for global trading. Dubai is now a leading trade city with offices of many NMCs, amazing shopping complexes, fun & theme parks, food streets, sports complexes, and many other notable viewpoints & venues.

One Of The Core Players In The Development Of Dubai

One of the core players in the development of Dubai is the construction industry i.e. the construction companies in Dubai, who has turned the game on. Many local and international, small and large construction companies established their businesses in Dubai and played their part in growth of this wonderland, and Dubai returned the favor with higher profit values & exponential growth for companies.

The Local Investors Made It Easier For The Companies

At the time when there were no grand shopping plazas, residential buildings, industries, theme parks, hotels & resorts, stadiums etc, the city was not so popular and life quality was not so jubilant, rather it was considered to be a dry state to live with no colors of life. But with the interest of local investors, and foreign machinery the city welcomed the people from all the across the world varying in cast, culture, creed, and religion. The local investors made it easier for the companies to plan & scale their growth and therefore a huge number of job opportunities were opened as getting labor in Dubai was and is a hard thing to do. That need opened a new door for the third world countries of Asia and people from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal etc moved to Dubai to grab the opportunities. The developed era opened the doors for the midsized companies of Asia to enter the Dubai market with cheap solutions & services.

Civil Engineering And Education In Construction

Civil engineering and education in construction was not that hot industry but that era uplift the need and importance of civil engineers and graduates or people with little experienced were offered jobs in Dubai, most of the people were from the third world countries mentioned earlier. Not only this, the construction opportunities gave birth to new Construction Companies In Dubai and within to time Dubai had the best construction services in world.

With the establishment of Dubai port, the trading between the European & African land with the Asia and other markets of world got strengthened.

Now Dubai has the tallest building of world i.e. Burj Khalifa along with many other notable shopping malls, 7 stat hotels, luxurious resorts, nightclubs & bars, food streets, picnic points, high class beaches, and the list continues to go on & on.

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